UHG | Office Of Human Research Affairs

Our Mission

The Office of Human Research Affairs (OHRA) develops, implements, and facilitates strategic approaches to conducting research for all UHG businesses and research affiliates. With the assistance of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), our goal is to create a consistent and compliant research environment which minimizes risks to research participants and their health data, while ensuring UnitedHealth Group affiliates are doing their best work.

How can the OHRA help you do your best work?

The OHRA and the IRB will work with research teams across the enterprise to:

  • Determine whether projects meet the criteria for human participant research
  • Provide regulatory consultation during early project development to determine the appropriate submission and approval path
  • Provide consultation for proceeding with participant involvement for all projects across the operational-interventional research spectrum
  • Provide consultation and guidance for effectively obtaining consent plus development of participant engagement plans and materials
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations at the local, state and federal levels throughout the life of your project
  • Provide access to and training for the Online Regulatory Approval Management Portal (ON-RAMP) where investigators will create their OHRA applications and organize their research portfolios and approvals.
  • The OHRA webpage is public and can be accessed by both those within UHG and affiliates and any members of the general public that wish to review our office structure and commitments.